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“It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles” (Dhammapada, VI-103).

​Libera is an civil society organization (CSOs) which misión is to promote the potencial human development through the psycho-emotional education, the production and dissemination of culture, therefore we characterize for having two general lines of work: Social and Cultural development.


The internal work of psychotherapy and the work of artistic creation and diffusion, are both areas that are not accessible to all, being almost exclusive of the middle and upper classes. It would seem that the work in therapy, emotional support and internal growth as well as art, are not considered essential services and products to achieve a healthy and balanced society, when are precisely the emotions the great challenge of society, which is increasingly cold, unjust, apathetic and insensitive. Are not the ingrowth and artistic sensitivity the two things making better human beings?

Libera works so that everyone has access to the incredible emotional tools of the humanistic psychotherapy, to grow in their personal strengthening and improve their human relations and so, in their daily lives. Improving relationships between families, will also improve community and social relations, raising more empathetic children who will be able to relate in a healthier way in the future.


In culture, Libera's overall mission is to promote the creation, dissemination and cultural development; and in particular it is to generate art projects outside the major cultural markets, which often are outside the scope of marginalized groups. We intend to make possible the dissemination of the work of artists excluded from the government and economic channels, exposing true hidden gems, which would otherwise continue to be lost in the anonymity of history, humanity loses unique and incredible wealth.


  • Create programs to disseminate emotional education to most of the population as possible through personal development courses, psychotherapy and both audiovisual and printed educational materials.

  • Produce and disseminate artistic material through audiovisual and printed media.

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