Cultural Development

To Libera culture is part of human development since the forging to be art and is a form of expression that comuica emotions, environments, meanings and views.
Promoting the creation and dissemination artistic and documentary is of great importance to us and is a service to which you designate very scarce resources and becomes a very selective matter of a small elite. We want to promote this cultural causes print is part of history in order to contribute at all times to jump collective consciousness.


Production and dissemination of audiovisual and print marginalized those who have not had access to the privileges of the official selection work.


Culturally, in Libera we believe in free artistic creation and human expression. We are interested in art as a means of self-knowledge terepéutico and vice versa: from therapeutic work that the creator can reach a solid, clear, original and authentic artistic expression.
We consider art as a discipline of self-realization through which you can support the process of self-knowledge and reflects the essence of Being, and the subconscious.
We believe that art is part of the Education and history of a country, so we are proud to collaborate with the production and dissemination of Mexican artistic work.

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