“It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles” (Dhammapada, VI-103).

Libera is a non profit organization which aims to promote the development of human potential through the  Emotional Education.


Emotional Education is a path to find well-being in life, to get this is necesary an individual inner work. This inner work will automatically get reflected in interpersonal relationships, so people may build  healthyer and more positive social ties.


The aim of Libera is to spread the Emotional Education, to avoid social problems from the root, starting with each individual.


This path is applicable to people of any age, religion, profession, culture or socioeconomic status, as it gives clear and practical tools to develop the best version of each person.


Through its social program to support personal development, Libera provides the community with limited economic resources, guidance and special attention to the prevention of violence, addiction and social problems.

Libera´s social deveopment program seeks to raise awareness, support and psycho-emotional counseling to the population in order to develop strategies that will help them solve their personal problems.

Libera works with donations to fund the projects it´s proyects.



Create campaigns and programs to transmit integral emotional culture to most of the posible population through educational courses of personal development and psychotherapy. Libera produces audiovisual and printed material.


Libera's philosophy is based on the Humanistic model and is founded on notions of Carl Rogers of unconditional positive regard, empathy and respect. It´s also based on the ethics of Yoga and follows the values of peace, truthfulness, moderation, honesty, detachment, cleanliness, thankfulness, self-discipline, self-study and trust in the greatness of the universe.


Through its therapeutic and educational programs, Libera aims to develop in people:


• Awareness

• Encourage self-knowledge

• Identify real needs

• Give communication tools

• Generate self-help

• Strengthening spiritual path

• Promoting safe change

• Generate support networks and alliances


All this for the prevention of violence, addiction and social problems.

Libera offers different programs that help improve the lives of people and has a social support program which is dedicated to supporting poor people and vulnerable groups such as women and children so that they can access this type of services essential to the health and individual and social welfare.
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